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In the import business osa establishes and maintains the link between German and other European customers and cuppliers in China as well as other parts of South East Asia. osa maintains close contact with both customer and producer, custom-fitting the business approach to match their needs and offering stock keeping in a company-own facility, ensuring quick and direct supply to the customer.

The service profile encompasses:

a) osa as link between customer and supplier with direct invoicing from supplier to customer
- supplier sourcing and supervision
- quality control and maintenance
- product development and tooling

b) osa as a German importer, with or without stock keeping in Menden, Germany

c) Main business categories
- faucets, accessories and sanitary ware products
- automobile sub-suppliers (esp. mobile homes)
- kitchen and furniture industry
- shop construction
- lighting systems
- metal and plastics processing industry

d) Primary material categories
- aluminium, magnesium and zinc
- stainless steel and brass
- glass
- plastics and rubber
- steel

e) Processing possibilities.
- turned parts (CNC and NC)
- extrusion process
- form oats
- casting
- pressed parts (cold and hot)
- stamped parts
- extruded profiles

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