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About us


osa GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally-active trading company and representative agency.

osa’s partnership with renowned German and European manufacturers from the sanitary ware, fittings, kitchen, lighting and furniture industries as well as its service-oriented supervision of of import and export businesses of those manufacturers extends throughout Russia and Eastern Europe as well as large parts of South East Asia and China. osa operates in these areas with dedicated teams, which cooperate closely with one another and are supported through centralized administration and bookkeeping.

The history of osa and the company’s founding family Otto-Hechtenberg can be followed back to 1884, where at the end of the 19th century products such as Villeroy & Boch tiles were exported to Tsingtao China and the “German Club” located there.

osa has over 40 years of experience in Asia and is operating in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe since 1997.

Particular attention is paid to creating long-term business relationships, allowing durable and stabile distribution structures to be created in the interests of the producer, ensuring both a long-term and successful brand position.

osa follows the philosophy of bridge-building, being close to both customers in the markets themselves as well as the manufacturers, with local personnel working in company offices in Moscow, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, ensuring support and supervision in the local language and time zone. Additionally osa maintains stock in the company’s headquarters in Iserlohn.

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